I went to Dubai on a business trip and stayed at Media One Hotel located in Media City. I would only recommend staying at this hotel to someone who likes to party and stay up late. If you want a relaxing nights rest, I would not recommend to stay at Media One.

This Hotel has a hand full of restaurants and a dance Club on the 9th floor. We ate at almost all the restaurants and the food was ok. But I am snobby when it comes to food, growing up in S.F. Bay Area where food is some of the best in the world. My favorite thing about this hotel was the breakfast on the 8th floor. There is a buffet with a good assortment to choose from and it was all pretty good. They do have a pool on the 8th floor, but no accessible lift. I never made it to the 9th floor, where the club was located, but I could hear it every night.

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They put me in their accessible room, which is on the 10th floor, which was a LOUD night as it was Friday night and Friday is their Saturday in Dubai. The hotel gives you ear plugs, but those do not stop the bass vibrating your bed. About the room, it has a bath tub which they did not have a sliding bench at the time. I talked to the manager about buying a sliding bench for the tub and I hope it is in the process. I did request that I wanted to have a shower, not a tub.

I was then moved to a room that was technically not accessible but had a shower that I could roll into and then sit on a plastic chair they provided. I had them remove the bathroom door because of how it opened.  This room was on the 17th floor and I was hoping being that much farther away from the 9th floor that I was going to have a quite night, but no, the bass still kept me awake.

The customer service of the establishment was very good, they listened to what I was needing and were on top of taking care of me. On the second to last night, a waiter had accidentally split beer on me a little. Some on my really nice sweat shirt and they dry cleaned it by the next morning.

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