The Embassy Suites Hotel is located a street away from the famous Notre Dame Cathedral on the edge of Old Montreal. Automatic doors greet you at the entrance followed by three lowered accessible check-in desks. The elevators to all rooms are around the corner next to the restaurant.

No specific accessible accommodations have been made in the restaurant, so if needed, get hotel staff to assist you. Prepare yourself for crowds during breakfast and happy hour. A lift is available across from the restaurant for guests who cannot walk up a few stairs to reach the lobby restroom.

There are over a dozen rooms at the Embassy Suites Hotel that have been modified to accommodate guests with accessibility requirements. All of these rooms included lowered peep holes, roll-up sinks, grab-bars and hand-held shower nozzles. All of these rooms also have a lowered towel rack. The only rooms with a roll-in shower are #220, #320 and #420; the rest have a bathtub/shower setup. The rooms with a roll-in shower have a bench mounted to the wall, but a portable shower chair can also be provided. The rooms with bathtubs have three grab-bars installed for maximum safety.

These accessible rooms come in studio or suite size with either two doubles, a queen or king bed. The modified rooms with double beds are #421, #521 and #520. Both studios and suites include a kitchenette but with no special modifications; the suite has a small seating area. The hallway and room is generally more spacious in a suite than a regular room; extra furniture can be removed if needed. Lamps and light switches have also be carefully selected and place to ensure enough power can be accessed.

More Room Details

  • Door opens with keycard
  • Room door is heavy
  • Floors are carpeted
  • Bed heights vary
  • Lowered closet bars
  • Outlets within reach
  • HVAC controls within reach
  • Bedside light switch mechanism varies
  • No shelf in shower for toiletries
  • Bathroom door has a lowered hook
  • Towel rack heights vary
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