The Westin Hotel in Montreal, Canada is across the street from the Palace de Congress right by the popular tourist area called Old Montreal. It is also right next door to the Embassy Suites Hotel.

Despite the ramp to the right of the main door, there is no accessible path to the entrance; one must travel over speed bump first. Not only is this design inaccessible it is also unsafe. A section of the check-in desk is accessible and not too far away are the elevators to take you to your floors.

Overall the most challenging aspect (for some) is the shower itself. Instead of a curtain there is a glass door. The shower, however, is not that big so one must be able to transfer to the portable chair and push the chair out of the showering area or have someone remove it. The shower space is on the smaller side with heart/cold control valves in front of you and the shelf on the back right.

Room Access at a Glance

  • Breakfast area is carpeted
  • Key card access
  • Carpeted room
  • Wide hallway entrance
  • Full-length mirror (hallway)
  • Lowered closet bar
  • HVAC system lowered = Yes
  • Desk height NOT modified
  • Bed height = OK
  • Roll-up sink = Yes
  • Grab-bars = Yes
  • Hair dryer within reach = In corner by toilet
  • Roll-in sink = Yes
  • Mounted shower bench = No (portable)
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