The Landing Resort is a luxury, boutique hotel with fine dining and spa services on a lake-front property in South Lake Tahoe. Valet is included with your hotel stay but not required. Two handicapped parking spots can be found closest to the main entrance but other handicapped spots are statically placed closer to rooms. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with the offer of champagne and led inside for check-in.

I was delighted to find wood floors on this entire level, which also included the fitness room, spa, and restaurant. Here you will also find an accessible drinking fountain; though bottled and flavor water are also available for no additional fee. Bottles of water in rooms are complimentary and by the check-in desks feel free to fill up your water bottle with the flavored water of the day; refreshing!

Different elevators make it easier for any guest to get to a room more efficiently. Between two of the buildings is a large terrace, commonly used for hosting weddings and other events. All three ADA rooms have a patio, but the suite has the biggest patio with the best view (of course): Superior Lake King Room, Premium Lakefront Suite, and Premium King Room.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and drinks every day and is one of the best places to dine in the Tahoe area. There is only a small window of time the restaurant is closed between lunch and dinner. Patio seating with fire-pits is also available.

Hotel Amenities

  • Automatic Doors = Yes, the main entrance only; all other doors open with key-wave card access.
  • Lower Check-in Desk = Yes, regular sit-down desks (2 of them). A chair was offered to be removed without asking during the check-in process.
  • Accessible Lobby Restroom = Yes, just beyond check-in desks.
  • Pool/Spa Lift: Yes, one for each.
  • Restaurant/Bar Accessible = Yes, tables and lowered bar section.
  • Day Spa = Yes, service tables lower.

Room Details (#2306 and #3312)

  • Wide/Lightweight Door
  • Lowered Peep Holes
  • HVAC controls within reach
  • Android/iPhone Charge Outlet by Bed
  • Full-Length Mirror
  • Rollup Bathroom Sink
  • Barrier-free room-to-patio transition
  • Rollin shower grab-bars are excellent
  • Hand-held shower nozzle (lowered in 2 of 3 rooms)
  • Doorbell is too high some guests
  • Too much furniture, removal of some necessary
  • No lowered closet bar
  • Desk is hard to access (in one room)
  • Curtain rods are too short
  • Bed height is too high (approximately 30”)
  • 6” under the bed not open for lift/hoist
  • No grab-bars for bathtub/Jacuzzi
  • Main bathroom and vanity mirror not accessible
  • Accessible towel hook is poorly placed out of reach
  • Towel rack in general is too high

Suite-Specific Details (#2201)

  • Great balcony view! The transition from the balcony to the room is not smooth (inside to patio better)
  • Light switch for the fireplace (1-hour increments)
  • Bed height is moderate to high with access to both sides
  • Roll-in shower with temperature-controlled shower steamer
  • Heated toilet seat
  • Heated bathroom floors
  • Semi-roll-up sink
  • No grab-bars on the bath Jacuzzi
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