In 2012 when I visited Las Vegas I was told by multiple taxi drivers that recently a mandate was put into effect, requiring all taxi companies to have at least one accessible taxi but most have four or more. It’s estimated that there are around 100 accessible taxis in Las Vegas. 

On the strip, you catch a taxi in front of the hotels. There will be a designated area for those needing such transportation. Don’t wait in the line, go to the front and let the attendant know that you need an accessible taxi. He’ll grab the next one for you or his associate will call a company. Despite how many accessible taxis there are it can still be a while before one shows up. The best trick is that once you get your first accessible taxi is to get the number for that particular driver and use if you are in a jam. 

Most wheelchair accessible taxis in Vegas are the traditional mini van that load a wheelchair in the back but one company I experience had a side-loading ramp. There was even a much larger transporter vehicle with extended roof. Wheelchair accessible taxis either use some model of the Q-Straint locking system or the Sure-Lock to secure the chair on all sides. 

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis in Las Vegas

Desert  Cab Inc.: 702.386.9102

Lucky Cab: 702.477.7555

Whittlesea Blue Cab: 702.384.6111 

Yellow Checker Star Taxi Cab: 702.873.2000

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