Getting around some parts of San Francisco can be challenging in a wheelchair, especially if using a manual wheelchair because of the hills. Wheelchair accessible taxis in San Francisco have become problematic. They are basically impossible to get. Uber claims to have an adapted van service, but no wheelchair vans are even available. If you have someone with you that manages the wheelchair and can transfer yourself into a vehicle, then the new transportation phone applications, like Uber and Lyft, are a favorite for some travelers. 

The best option is to use accessible public transportation like BART, MUNI, and buses, or rent a van. The light rail and historic F-Market & Wharves line are accessible at certain street-level stops and are fully accessible in the underground stations. MUNI gives a disabled discount.

ATTENTION TRAVELERS: Multiple wheelchair users have reported that both Yellow Cab and DeSoto Cab are NOT serving us with accessible vans. PLEASE refrain from using them OR better yet call and complain.

If a visitor is eligible for the ADA paratransit system back at home, they may use the SF Access van service (San Francisco’s ADA-mandated paratransit service). For more information about using the SF Access service as a visitor, it is recommended that they contact the SF Paratransit office at 1-415-351-7050.

Typically has a stable fleet of wheelchair accessible taxis and performs a high volume of wheelchair trips for our paratransit program. Their phone number is 415-282-4141.

DeSoto Cab
• Entry is 54.5 inches tall and 33 inches wide
• The chair and passenger are secured by QStraint belts
• 19 Accessible Vans

Yellow Cab

• Safety restraint systems (in the floor tie down system) and unique seat belt system
• Priority service is given to elderly and disabled passengers

Wheelchair Accessible Ramp Taxi Program: There are 100 ramp medallions in San Francisco. Ramp medallions allow drivers to operate a wheelchair accessible taxi. The SFMTA has monthly wheelchair pick-up requirements (10 wheelchair pick-ups) that taxi companies and drivers must meet in order to enter into and maintain a use agreement to operate a ramp taxi medallion. The SFMTA is continually working to improve the ramp taxi service and will focus enforcement efforts to ensure the pick-up requirements are met. Given the nature of the business, with taxi medallion movement, the number of available wheelchair accessible taxis may fluctuate month to month at each taxi company. Taxi companies may not deny service to individuals because they use a wheelchair.

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