United Independent Taxi services the greater Los Angeles area for those needing wheelchair access, which means L.A., Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, Marina Del Ray, and more. When making a reservation, I was told that the taxi would be there around 30 minutes but was earlier. Then again, it was early week-day morning.

It took some time, however, for the driver to get the ramp out and get set up. After the ramp was screwed into place I asked the driver for assistance going up it because it was quite steep. Inside, it looked like a row of seats had been taken out but actually, they just fold into the floor. The roof of the van had an extension to make it taller and more comfortable for those sitting in wheelchairs. The height inside from the floor to the roof is 56.” Four straps hold down the actual chair (one at each corner) and then an actual seatbelt is secured to the wheelchair passenger.

For reservations, you can call 1800-822-8294 or the local number 323-653-5050. You can also download an app off the website and then make reservations online.

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