Traipsin’ Global On Wheels Interview

Traipsin’ Global On Wheels: #58 Podcast

Ming Canaday on her platform to inform and advance disability rights/advocacy work interviews Ashley Lyn Olson of about the world of wheelchair travel, dating and life on wheels. 



About Traipsin’ Global On Wheels

Around one billion people in the world have some kind of disability. This podcast provides a platform where we can hear stories from amazing disability advocacy champions both with and without disabilities. Our interviewees share their honest personal struggles, professional passions, and empowering nuggets of wisdom in these episodes. We just launched a new intersectional subseries on Climate Change and Disabilities under the Traipsin’ Global On Wheels Podcast Show as well. Climate change is the defining issue for our generation. In these podcasts, we have the honor of talking with environmentalists who have tirelessly fought to address climate change and can make great strides in helping people with disabilities be included in the conversation and be a part of the solution. If you’re interested in listening to conversations about disability advocacy, climate change, adaptive fitness and travel, then you have come to the right place.

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