On a trip to Cancun, Mexico for a little exploring but some much-needed leisure time. We stayed at the Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort, which is located across the street from La Isla Mall and about a 40-minute drive from the airport.

The resort’s rooms are all kitchenette style with a wash/dryer. The room we stayed in had both a bathtub and a roll-in shower. They provided a shower bench, not a chair that was pretty much falling apart. The room was big enough for two wheelchairs to move around fine. We were first put in a room on the first level kind of in the back, basically no view of the ocean. We complained and got a new room the next day. This new room was on the 4th floor and had a much better view of the ocean. The one downside to the rooms was to get out on the balcony, there was about a 3-inch tall threshold for the sliding door. The issue could have been solved with some ramps but the resort could not do something in the time we were staying.

The property was pretty much all accessible with ramp leading down to the beach area. Although the beach was not accessible because there were no beach wheelchairs nor plank, rubber, or paved walkways. The resort does have two pools, but only the main pool has an accessible lift. The main pool has a bar and is pretty large with an infinity edge that looked over the beach and ocean. The whole pool was only about 4 feet deep, so you may want to wear water shoes as I ended up scraping my feet a little. And unfortunately, the hot tubs do not have lifts, which was a sad moment for us.

The resort has three restaurants. One at the pool, where the bar is, is only open for lunch. There is a bar/café that serves lunch and dinner. Then a main restaurant that serves breakfast and dinner. The breakfast is open to anyone and the dinner on most nights is a reservation only and set course meal. We did not get the chance to eat at the reservation only dinner, but the rest of the food was pretty good and fresh. The resort also has a small general store on the basement level, which is also the same level as the street entrance. Being across the street from La Isla, which has a bunch of restaurants, made for good choices on what to eat. Or being that the rooms are kitchenette style, you could make your dinner. But who wants to do that on vacation?

I would like to stay at this resort again only if they have fixed the situation with the sliding door threshold, they need to have a shower chair and they need a lift into at least one of the hot tubs. But other than those issues the resort management took care of the things we asked for.


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