I am a C5-incomplete chair user. I had the pleasure to visit Guadalajara in Mexico. I stayed there for 5 months. People will tell you that Mexico is not wheelchair friendly and, to be honest, they are many places to avoid but it is possible. When arriving at the Airport there, you can make prior arrangements with a Transport Company. The office telephone number is 0133-3620-9592 and 0133-1566-9251. The cellular number is 04433-1602-5855. If you speak  Spanish you can talk to the phone service, but if you only speak English,  please speak to the Supervisor (Manuel) on his cell. 

This company will meet you at the Airport, they will stay there even if your flight is delayed as mine was 3 hours. They have Vans with lifts and can take you anywhere in Guadalajara and surrounding cities such as Chapala and Ajijic Mexico, both these cities are located on the largest freshwater lake in the Country named Lake Chapala. There are many hotels, bed, and breakfast places that are chair friendly and most all have open, roomy showers. One area that I stayed in is called Plaza Del Sol. Very nice, upscale place but costly, around 130.00 USD per night but well worth it! The staff there are very friendly and helpful as most all are in Mexico. The rooms there are very nice, lots of room for manual or power chair as I use. It’s very close to many great shops and things of History.

There is also a Bus system there in the heart of the City. It’s called The Blue Bus Line. It has a Giant concrete ramp in the middle of the street for you to go up to a covered shelter where you enter the bus. For just a few Pesos you can ride anywhere the line travels, you simply get off when and where you choose. On the bus, there is a section displayed with a logo for persons using chairs. Usually, when I entered they were people standing in this section but they are happy to move and allow you access. So you can ride anywhere the bus goes in your chair.

They are not many cut-out places to enter the sidewalk there. In the newer built areas, yes, but in most of the older locations, you will need to use your chair in the street but it’s very busy with traffic so take care. Most of the stores, and shops there have steps to enter, reason is that when it rains it floods there so they are built higher than the street, and sidewalk area so that the water doesn’t run into and flood the stores. If using a manual chair you can get in with help from the people with you or from the clerks. If using a power chair some clerks have a board of some type that they will happily put down to allow you to enter. The best places for shopping in your chair are the open markets. You can find any and everything there. Much cheaper prices than the main stores. Most of the local clerks, especially the younger people do speak and understand English.

It’s a beautiful city with a lot of history, great food, music, and shops, and the weather is very nice all year. like Spring time. There are several very nice Hospitals located in the city in case you have problems or a health issue. One is called Mexico Americano. I have personally used them and the service was great. They do accept most private insurance but they do not file the claims so you will need to pay upfront or give them a credit card. They will give you all the paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company for your reimbursement of charges, whatever percent is covered by your health plan. If you need personal care help while you are there you can hire a local person or contract a nurse through an agency there. Any of the Hospitals can provide you with this info about those types of companies that offer home care services. I enjoyed the 5 months I stayed there and I’m very eager to return.

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