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Have questions about wheelchair traveling? Find many answers here! Below are articles with tips on tricks for traveling with a wheelchair, including flying on an airplane, packing and carrying luggage, booking a hotel room, planning with a caregiver, and even specific articles for people traveling with a power wheelchair or manual wheelchair.

10 Wheelchair Travel Questions to Ask

If you are wheelchair traveling, ask yourself these 10 basic questions to help prepare and plan for travel, including flying

Japan Travel if Deaf or Hard of Hearing

“I learned to trust myself and to leave behind the societal beliefs about deaf people traveling. I am deaf, and I

Wonderful Wheelchair Traveling World

What a wonderful wheelchair traveling world we live in. Since starting in 2006, the world has become increasingly more

Staying Overnight + Wheelchair Access

What makes a place accessible for overnight trips? I’m talking about access to the obvious like beds and showers as

Rental Car Companies for Wheelchair Users

Preparing for a road trip can be a tedious process for anyone who uses a wheelchair. On top of planning

A-Z Guide: Air Travel + Power Wheelchairs

The two most difficult aspects of air travel are not being allowed to remain in one’s wheelchair on the plane

Renting Adaptive Vehicles in Europe

Adaptive and wheelchair-accessible car renting is rising in Europe as accessible tourism grows and takes shape across the continent, especially

Fishing from Your Wheelchair 101

Fishing is a remarkably relaxing activity that can be a hobby to enthusiasts or a sport for more competitive people.

General Wheelchair Hiking Tips

Did you know that 61 million people in the United States have a disability? Of these 61 million people, roughly

Rolling with Changes: Travel in 2021

Travel in 2020 was limited, to say the least. The pandemic created a situation that called for us to do

5 Train Travel Tips for Wheelchair Users

The past couple of decades have seen a vast improvement in the accessibility of the modern world for those who

Europe Handicapped Toilets + Elevators

Having a universal key to unlock a wheelchair accessible bathroom or elevator in Europe will improve your trip. Many times,

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