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Have questions about wheelchair traveling? Find many answers here! Below are articles with tips on tricks for traveling with a wheelchair, including flying on an airplane, packing and carrying luggage, booking a hotel room, planning with a caregiver, and even specific articles for people traveling with a power wheelchair or manual wheelchair.

Idaho: Teton Country Home Rental

In Idaho’s Teton Valley overlooking the Grand Teton Mountain Range surrounded by sagebrush is a beautiful country home rental sitting

San Diego, California: Adaptive + Recreational Sailing

Challenged Sailors San Diego in California provides therapeutic and recreational adaptive sailing opportunities for people with disabilities to enhance their

Japan Travel if Deaf or Hard of Hearing

“I learned to trust myself and to leave behind the societal beliefs about deaf people traveling. I am deaf, and I

Wonderful Wheelchair Traveling World

What a wonderful wheelchair traveling world we live in. Since starting in 2006, the world has become increasingly more

Staying Overnight + Wheelchair Access

What makes a place accessible for overnight trips? I’m talking about access to the obvious like beds and showers as

Rental Car Companies for Wheelchair Users

Preparing for a road trip can be a tedious process for anyone who uses a wheelchair. On top of planning

A-Z Guide: Air Travel for Power Wheelchairs

The two most difficult aspects of air travel are not being allowed to remain in one’s wheelchair on the plane

Renting Adaptive Vehicles in Europe

Adaptive and wheelchair-accessible car renting is rising in Europe as accessible tourism grows and takes shape across the continent, especially

Fishing from Your Wheelchair 101

Fishing is a remarkably relaxing activity that can be a hobby to enthusiasts or a sport for more competitive people.

General Wheelchair Hiking Tips

Did you know that 61 million people in the United States have a disability? Of these 61 million people, roughly

Rolling with Changes: Travel in 2021

Travel in 2020 was limited, to say the least. The pandemic created a situation that called for us to do

5 Train Travel Tips for Wheelchair Users

The past couple of decades have seen a vast improvement in the accessibility of the modern world for those who

Hotel Villa Batalha, Portugal

The Hotel Villa Batalha may be a place to stay that has enough wheelchair access while traveling in Portugal. It’s

Europe Handicapped Toilets + Elevators

Having a universal key to unlock a wheelchair accessible bathroom or elevator in Europe will improve your trip. Many times,

Airplane Travel with a Disabled Child

Is it safe to fly? Before planning a trip that includes travel on an airplane, talk to your child’s doctor

Google Maps: Adds Wheelchair Accessibility Feature

Wouldn’t it be great to plan a trip without the worry of finding suitable wheelchair accommodation and destinations? It’s an

Building a Wheelchair-Friendly Bathroom

If you are someone who uses a wheelchair, or are building a bathroom to make less traveling problems for those

Southwest Airlines: Why I Fly

It’s no secret, I fly Southwest Airlines whenever possible, which is currently restricted to the USA, but I’d fly internationally

Wheelchair Travel Podcasts

Traveling can be a life-changing experience for anyone. Despite the obstacles, more and more individuals with accessibility needs are exploring

Cruising + Cruise Lines Overview

Why take a cruise? Cruising on various cruise lines is one of the most popular means of travel for those who

Travel Companions + Caregivers

I enjoy traveling solo, but sometimes I want or need a travel companion, depending on where I am going and

AI Technologies to Help People with Disabilities

According to the World Bank Group, fifteen percent of the world’s population, or about one billion people, has some type

Know Where You Sit With Aviation Rights

When it comes to travelling with a wheelchair, the rules can be complicated and not as user-friendly as the air

Cruise Warnings: 6 Travel Access Myths

For some people, a cruise is the trip of lifetime, a celebration, a repeat occurrence, or perhaps the best and

Flying with a Wheelchair: Airplanes + Airports

Airport Arrival: Drop-Off & Parking While traveling and flying a wheelchair, first, it is most convenient to be dropped off

How to Rate Hiking Trails for Accessibility

Taking on any hiking trail with a 5% slope and higher depends a lot on how well your wheelchair is

ABA Law Overview: Outdoor Recreation Access

The USA ABA, Architectural Barriers Act, was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968 and focuses on the

ADAPTS: Portable Transfer Sling

ADAPTS ensures those with mobility impairment are not waiting for rescue in a panic situation to escape down stairwells, narrow aisles

RV (Recreational Vehicle): Wheelchair Travel

An accessible RV can open a whole new world of travel and adventure for people with mobility problems. RV traveling

Europe Travel Tips with a Child in a Chair

When we found out, about six months ago, that we were lucky enough to take this trip to Europe we

Dear Uber and Lyft: Where’s the Ramp Van?

Dear President Peevey and Commissioners: Uber and Lyft have admitted that they have no wheelchair accessible vehicles in their networks

Air Travel Tips for Power Wheelchairs

Being restricted to a power wheelchair doesn’t equal restrictions in lifestyle and recreation. Airline travel is one of many activities

Solving the Accessible Parking Problem

Is it time for a Two-Tiered Accessible Parking Program? All too often we find the few designated accessible parking spots

5 Wheelchair Travel Problems

I don’t know about you, but I am a passionate traveler. I visited more than 30 countries worldwide and still

All Wheels Up

All Wheels Up currently is the only organization in the world crash testing wheelchair tie downs and wheelchairs for commercial

Cruising with a Disability: What to Know

The word POSH, coincidentally, has nautical and monetary roots and due to the intense sun refers to the cooler side

Cruise Planning: 10 Travel Tips

1. Seek out the newest ships. While some oceangoing lines have nicely retrofitted older vessels with accessible features, generally, the

The International Disability Treaty

While wheelchair accessibility is nowhere near perfect in the United States, the American disability community is truly lucky to have

New Mobility Magazine: Fearless Flying

New Mobility Magazine: April 2014, Pages 28-35 This Cover Story features a few different articles with tips about flying on

8 Tips for Confident Travel for Quadriplegics

So you’re a quadriplegic and you’ve decided you’re ready to start traveling. There’s a lot of adventures ahead, and these

Lonely Planet’s List of Accessible Travel Resources

Hard of hearing or vision-impaired? A wheelchair user or slow walker? Fibromyalgia, MS or spinal-cord injury? None of these should

Interview: Wheelchair Pilot

Young, a senior engineer on the L10n team, attended a 6-week flight training program with a full scholarship at the

AirAsia Damages Wheelchair on Plane Flight, Denies Fault

Disable person complains AirAsia about failed compensation while his wheelchair gets damaged. A wheelchair worth over ten thousand ringgit has

Flying Tips, Rules + Aisle Chairs

  Air travel can be uncomfortable for many people—with or without a wheelchair, but maybe my tips can help!  

Airline Travel Tips for Kids with Special Needs

1. How can you identify a disability-friendly airline? Are some airlines better with wheelchairs and catering to the needs of

Power Wheelchair Travel Tips

Traveling alone to a destination you have never traveled to, knowing no one but one person, and they don’t even

Manual Wheelchair Travel Tips

Attitude is Everything: Not only be open to the new things that come your way whether cuisine or access features

Booking a Hotel, Flying + Car Rentals

I love to travel! As a software developer in the aerospace business, there have been times in my career when

Luggage Tips for Wheelchair Travel – Packing to Carrying

  The modern wheelchair provides the wheelchair user tremendous mobility and independence.  This ability transfers into more opportunities for solo

Flying Precautions for Wheelchairs

Despite being a much-practiced recreational activity worldwide, traveling involves several frustrating moments. As one needs to book tickets, make reservations,

Cruise: Be Your Own Advocate!

Cruising is a great way to travel and see the world and that’s also true for many people with disabilities,

Pressure Sore Skin Protection While Traveling

Plan Ahead to Avoid Pressure Sores While Traveling Anyone who relies on a wheelchair for mobility understands the risk of

Westjet Airline in Canada Makes Flying A Little Easier

My traveling requires that I spend a lot of time in airports and in airplanes. A little pre-planning can make

Wheelchair Travel Philosophy

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad,

Packing Plan for People with Limited Mobility

When headed to a new travel destination wheelchair users will be commonly faced with challenges of the unknown like finding

US Airways: Horrible Disabled Treatment

I wear a leg brace. I use a wheelchair, but can walk short distances with canes before fatiguing. I cannot

10 Tips for Wheelchair Users to Keep Cool

Wheelchair users, listen up! Sitting in a wheelchair can be uncomfortable at times, especially during the summer. The armrests can

Hotel Questionnaire: Accessibility Inquiry

Dear Sir/Madam: My [    ] and I will arrive in [         ] on [            ] and depart on [           ].

The World of Wheelchair Travellers

For years, wheelchair users have felt like second-class citizens when it comes to traveling. It had reached the point where

A Quad’s Perfect Hotel Room

This letter was emailed to and asked to share with the rest of the wheelchair traveling community. There is

Managing Anxiety Tips for Wheelchair Travelers

Traveling with a disability can be complicated if you don’t know what you have to do. Planning your vacation becomes

Practical Car Hire Tips for Wheelchair Users

About 10% of the global population or 650 million have disabilities and it is estimated that 10% of them require wheelchairs, allowing

Why Take a Cruise? Travel Agent’s Advice

It’s no secret anymore that cruises have become the vacation of choice for persons with disabilities.  Major cruise lines have

21 Century Accessible Tourism

What is accessible tourism in the 21st century, and how is it designed?   Do the products and services currently available really

Ms. Wheelchair on Travel and Positive Attitude

When I was crowned Ms. Wheelchair California 2012, I knew I had to put this fear to rest because one

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