Accessible Lodging in the Amazon for Wheelchair Guests

The Huasquila Amazon Lodge located in Sacred Valley of Cotundo in Tena, Ecuador is the only wheelchair accessible overnight accommodation in the Amazon. The entire property rests on one level with interconnecting, smooth concrete pathways that are at a slight slope (just under USA ADA specifications) to the restaurant, pool and bungalows. Pathways are long too so if you ever need a push, a staff member can assist.

Upon arrival you will be greeted at the entrance by a member of the staff. Inside at the reception there is open area where a guest using a wheelchair has good access. After check-in, a member of the staff will escort you to your room and assist where needed. Absolutely no carpet is found in any of the 7 wheelchair accessible bungalows. Each bungalow is like its own private space as each are separated by 2 meters, so there is little foot traffic noise. The main door is a sliding wood door and at least 1 meter wide. For some it may be too heavy to open but this is why a staff member accompanies you to make sure you got to your room without any problems. Room doors are unlocked with a key and a lowered peep hold can be found with the accessible bungalows.

Inside the layout was designed with ADA standards to provide room to maneuver. No television, desk or coffee pot is provided in the room but the curtain rods, power outlets, HVAC system, hairdryer and closet bar are within reach for wheelchair using guests. The Huasquila Amazon Lodge has paid special attention to the quality of the mattresses and thus far no guest has complained. The bathroom has a roll-up sink, toilet with two sets of grab bars and a roll-in shower with one grab bar directly behind the flip-down, padded shower chair. No tub.

The outdoor patio includes lounge chairs, a pool and spa. Guests using wheelchairs may use the manual lift with a hammock seat to access the pool and spa. Nearby is the restaurant which is very spacious and staff make sure a chair is removed at your table if you prefer. A small cocktail bar is in the restaurant and drinks are brought to you at your table as there is not much space at the bar.

All guest should keep in mind that there is no public transport to the Huasquila Amazon Lodge. There is a public bus that takes you to Cotundo from where a taxi can be arranged to take you to the lodge. For clients using a wheelchair however it is strongly recommended to arrange private transfer from the Quito Airport. Huasquila Amazon Lodge can help even providing accessible transport. Also be at ease that no yellow fever and malaria shots required.

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