The Clipper Ferry is quick to travel between Victoria, B.C., and Seattle, Washington. I took the Clipper from Victoria to Seattle which took a little over 2.5 hours compared to 4 hours by train. In this part of the world with so much water, ferries are the most direct way to travel from point to point. You pay a little bit but not much. A number of people already had their tickets but I purchased mine that day, just minutes before the boat arrived. The cost of the ticket goes down a little bit if you are able to plan and book in advance. 

The booking staff was really friendly and escorted me down the ramp to the preboard area. Those who need a little extra time to board, like wheelchair users, will preboard before everyone else. There is only one general seating area. Some of the seats are designated to be reserved for the handicapped and in fact, these chairs can be removed if you would like to stay in your chair. Then you can pull right up to your space and have the convenience of a table. The accessible seats unfortunately are not seated by the window but the windows are very large and still can enjoy the nice scenery. 

On board is a small cafe serving small meals, snacks, and drinks. There are also crew members walking around taking orders. The meals are things like sandwiches, salads, cheese, and crackers. Beer and wine were available but do not believe mixed drinks were offered. Also on the board is a wheelchair accessible restroom. It’s not marked as being wheelchair accessible but it’s a unisex bathroom that has an infant changing table, which usually means it’s wide enough for a stroller and more importantly a wheelchair. 

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