The Renaissance Marriott Hotel is located in downtown Seattle, Washington and is close to attractions such as the Pike Place Market, the aquarium, Pioneer Square, Settle’s Art Museum, and a short monorail ride to the Seattle Center where the Space Needle and Experience the Music museum are.

Most of the time door and valet men are near the entrance to open the door for you but there were a few times that I had to do it manually because there is no automatic door. Like most hotels, the registration counter was at a standing height. Elevators were just around the corner in a central location. Also on the lobby floor near the elevators is a computer if you need but is also at a standing height.

There are at least three rooms with roll-in wheelchair accessible showers. Room #1425 was overall pretty wheelchair friendly. The furniture was spacious enough to move freely about the room and access both sides of the bed. The bed was at a reasonable height. Lighting in general was easy to find and turn. Near the entrance is a long clothing rack with a lowered bar and is out in the open. A lowered peephole was also installed on the door, though the door itself was pretty heavy to open.

The bathroom was spacious and had an easy-to-slide door. However, the door was not flush with the wall and did not block out sound. The toilet was at a good height and surrounded by grab bars. The sink was a semi-roll-under. The shower had some hits and misses. First of all, it was a roll-in shower and had a large, permanent, semi-padded bench. There was also a handheld shower nozzle but this is where it goes sour. The nozzle is on the opposite side of the bench, which wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if there was a holder near the bench but there isn’t. Instead, it is on the same side as the shower nozzle. A temperature controller is within reach but it was hard to hold the nozzle with one hand while washing myself with the other. Plus, there was no shelf to place my shower toiletries on.

Three restaurants are conveniently available at the Renaissance Marriott. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner you can choose Maxwell’s and the Lobby Court Coffee Bar & Lounge. Maxwell’s is a family-style restaurant and the other is a short menu. Maxwell’s was a great place for a hot breakfast and for any meal, there was comfortable seating for a wheelchair. The Lobby Court Coffee Bar & Lounge did not have that many tables that were at an accessible height but found one evening sitting off to the side of the lounge section to be very chill. At the very top of the hotel is the R View restaurant which is only open for dinner. Only a part of the restaurant is accessible, which happens to be technically in the bar so one needs to be 21 or older. Tables right near the window are not accessible but the view is nice. The view is pretty spectacular especially when the sun peaks through to paint a magnificent sunset. The Space Needle can even be seen from afar. The food was pretty good, though I think you are paying more for the view.

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