Mammoth Cave Accessible Accommodations in the Park

Depending on your travel plans, you may want consider staying in or near Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky. Of course, it is always much more fun and convenient to stay in the park. So if looking to stay overnight here are the wheelchair accessible options at Mammoth Cave National Park.


Mammoth Cave Hotel
Description: Centrally located across from the Visitor Center (about 100 feet), the Mammoth Cave Hotel is the only indoor accommodation with access. A total of 6 rooms have access. The hotel has a small gift shop and is the only restaurant in the park—serving simple American food.
Parking: 5+ designated spots with access.
Doors: None are automatic. The set of double doors from the Visitor Center side are 32” wide. However, the set of main double doors from the hotel’s parking lot narrower unless both are open; no door stoppers. A side door on this same side leads directly to the two rooms with roll-in showers, which is 36” wide.
Front Desk: No lowered counter. Hospital-style wheelchair available if needed.
Lobby Bathroom: 5’x5’ stall with grab-bars and a roll-up sink. The door opens inward, minimizing access space and making it hard to close door. (More restrooms available at Visitor Center.)
Rooms: Rooms #400, #401, #402 and#403 are down the hall from the hotel lobby (classified as Heritage Trail Rooms) and all have 2 double beds but only 2 have a roll-in shower; the rest have a bathtub setup. At the Sunset Terrace Building, on the other side of the parking lot, #319 also has 2 double beds, and #318 has 2 queen beds (1 room with a roll-in shower coming 2016).

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Closer Look at #403 (roll-in shower)

  • Key Type: Classic brass key
  • Door: 36” wide, thick and heavy hardwood door with no lowered peep hole.
  • Closet: Open with a lowered bar with hangers in hallway.
  • Hallway/Layout: Spacious with maneuvering room.
  • Beds: Access to either double bed; both at a good transferable height.
  • Power Outlets: One open outlet within access at each side of the bed; another by the desk and in bathroom.
  • HVAC: A push-button unit on the ground against the back wall by the window.
  • Desk: No modifications.
  • Curtain Rods: No extensions for a longer reach.
  • Sink: Roll-up with a small shelf directly behind it against the mirror.
  • Toilet: In the corner with access to front and side with grab-bars on the back and side walls.
  • Shower: Barrier free transition, hand-held shower nozzle, and portable bench with fixed shampoo and soap dispenser.
  • Towel Rack: One next to the shower and another over the toilet.

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Mammoth Cave Campgrounds
Tent and RV camping at the Mammoth Cave Campgrounds has access. The Camp Store has access to food, the Post Office and laundry room but no modifications to the showers.

RVs and Tents
There are 100+ sites for tent or RV camping at Mammoth Caves. Most of these have enough access for a lot of campers looking for accessibility. 2 sites have power outlets, but often share with a neighboring site making for 4 potential sites. Sites #37 and #38 are designated campsites with the most access including paved pads, extended tables and raised cooking grills; the dirt surface around the pads is firm and level but not with the pads. A paved walkway between the two sites leads to a communal water fountain (not drinking water) and the bathrooms. The bathrooms have access to 5’X5’ stall with grab-bars and two roll-up sinks.

Group Camping 
In the backcountry there is the Maple Springs Group Campground. The entire space is very open and flat with smooth, paved pathways connecting everything. By the parking lot, with designated spots, there is access to a unisex vaulted/pit bathroom. Most have picnic tables on a paved pad with soft grass surrounding it.

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