The Nines Hotel is a luxury hotel set right across from Pioneer Square. Within feet are stops for Portland Oregon’s public transportation system, which is convenient for a wheelchair traveler with a light amount of luggage The staff is extremely courteous and all about customer service. While you stayed at the hotel, you were provided with a key that allowed you alone to access the elevator and your room.

The handicapped room that was available did not have a roll-in shower but the bathroom itself was very large. The sink was not adequate to roll under for a wheelchair user, which made it difficult to use the sink. The hotel could provide a light-weight shower bench to go a long with the hand-held nozzle. A phone was even placed near the toilet if there was an emergency or otherwise. If driving, the whereabouts of the parking garage or situation is unknown.

The Urban Farmer is an artistic yet organically decorated restaurant inside The Nines Hotel. Everything one the menu is made from sustainable growing, which makes it healthier for you and yummy too. Everything on the menu looked good as well as when servers carried entrees to various tables. Being that the Urban Farmer is so tasty makes it a popular restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; reservations are recommended but there is a large waiting area. There is a fairly large bar but there is no area that has been adjusted for the height of someone in a manual wheelchair. However, this was a very popular nightlife location.

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