Yotel is a very clean, modern hotel located a few minutes’ walk west of Times Square in New York City, New York. Overall, the location was great. It was five minute walking/wheeling distance to Highline Park and Times Square.  We also walked to Central Park, Grand Central Station, The Meat Packing District, and Chelsea.

When you enter the hotel you will immediately notice two things. The first is the very large claw-like arm behind the plexiglass. This contraption will take your luggage and store it for you.  We did not use this but it did look very cool!

The second thing you will notice is the row of computer screens. This is where guests are asked to check-in.  There are however, staff available to help check you in if needed  The ones I met were extremely friendly and accommodating.

At the front entrance, there is a revolving door and next to that, there are automatic doors that open two doors at once that give you lots of room.  When leaving there were always staff there running to press the button for you. 

The underground parking has an elevator to the lobby.  From the lobby, you take an elevator to the fourth floor.  On this floor, there are outdoor patios, meeting/ lounge areas, a restaurant, and a reception area.  Everything on this floor was extremely spacious and accessible.  From this floor, you need to get on another set of elevators to get to your room.  This elevator required you to use your room key card to get to your floor.  I could see some people having difficulty with this however the hotel staff were very helpful.  The elevator lights were also very dim. 

The wheelchair accessible room was beautiful with two walls of floor-to-ceiling windows facing both west and north.  The room was located on the 24th floor.

The bed had lots of room underneath to use a Hoyer or to store your luggage.  Although I do not transfer independently the bed was level with my wheelchair.  There was a small adjustable table that could be used at the side of the bed or moved to any other desired location.  The one chair in the room had wheels making it easy to move around.   

The desk was spacious with lots of room for my legs under it.  The radio/alarm clock was adaptable with an iPad/phone as was the flat-screen tv.  The only phone in the room was not cordless however I just brought my cell phone with me to bed. 

The washroom was very modern and the wheel-in shower was perfect. however, there were a couple of things I did not like about the washroom.  Number one was that I could not get under the sink.  Secondly, the pocket doors were beautiful, however, you could see through them!  My husband ended up using a hanger and hanging a large towel over the door.  If it had been just the two of us it would have been okay but we had friends drop by a few times  The third thing is minor, but there was not a box of tissue anywhere to be found. 

The door for the room was very light and easy to use.  The door also had a lower peephole.  Right next to the room, there was a small accessible, communal kitchen that had a fridge, free coffee/latte/espresso maker, and an accessible sink. 

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