The Lucerne is a petite boutique hotel in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York. It is located in a posh neighborhood about a block away from Central Park and close to a plethora of museums, restaurants and shops.

At first glance the hotel doesn’t look accessible with multiple stairs in the front, but a doorman is always there and will bring out the ramp to side entrance real quick. When wanting to leave the hotel you can notify the doorman or front desk, so there is never any worry about opening the door. Inside is the lobby of the hotel with a waiting area, the concierge desk and check-in desk with no modifications. Around the corner is an accessible unisex bathroom and two small elevators that carry guests up to the rooms as well as the fitness/spa.

Six rooms with a roll-in shower are classified to be ADA: 219, 220, 221, 222, 205 and 206. All of these have a queen bed, besides 220 and 221 which have two full-sized beds. Room 220 and 221 also have a permanent shower bench mounted onto the wall. A portable shower chair can be brought to the other room.

Closer Look at Room #219

The light-weight door opens with a card-key and had a lowered peep hole. The hallway isn’t wide but is just wide enough. In this hallway is the door to the bathroom and closet with a lowered bar for clothes. The bed area is setup to maximize maneuver space as much as possible with a desk directly next to the bed on the left side. The power outlet with the best access (closest) to the bed, is under the desk which is a bit awkward. Across from the bed are drawers, the television and the HVAC system. The HVAC system could be lowered for better access.

The doorway lip into the bathroom is something to be aware of. The back of the door has a lowered hook. The toilet has grab-bars and the sink is a roll-up. The towel rack was also awkward to reach and could be lowered for better access. The roll-in shower with a portable bench and hand-held shower nozzle lacked a shelf for toiletries, which was very inconvenient.

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