La Quinta Inn in Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah is the closest city if looking to visit Arches National Park. The entrance to the park is eight miles from Moab and a pretty lively area for these parts. There are many places to stay in and around Moab, one of which is La Quinta Inn. La Quinta Inn is located on the main road that rolls through town, Highway 191. At La Quint Inn there are a total of five ADA rooms, but only one has a roll-in shower and that’s room #128.

Hotel Details

  • Automatic front doors? YES—Button is a little high
  • Automatic side doors? NO
  • Lowered countertop at check-in desk? YES
  • Non-stacked washer and dryer? YES
  • Pool and spa? YES
  • Pool and spa lift? NO
  • Carpeted hallways? YES

Room #128 Details

    • Key car access? YES
    • Lowered peep hole? YES
    • Carpeted Room? YES
    • Ground level room? YES
    • Access to the bed? YES—On both sides
    • Acceptable bed height? YES
    • Access to heating/cooling system? YES
    • Roll-up sink? NO—Too low
    • Grab-bars at toilet and shower? YES
    • Roll-in shower? YES—Very poor drainage
    • Shower chair? YES
    • Hand-held shower nozzle? YES
    • Lowered shower shelf? YES

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